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Exploring the Kingdom of God and the end of the age. 

The Kingdom Of God

Jerusalem and the Apocalypse
        The Bible provides a roadmap of salvation, from the reign of God through Adam and Eve in Eden to Jesus’ millennial reign on earth. This website focuses on God’s redemption plan and its fulfillment in Christ, exploring our place in that plan. With a better understanding of Jesus’ life and sacrificial death we gain valuable insight into ourselves: of who we are as disciples of Christ and greatly loved children of the Father.

       Studying Jesus’ parables and miracles increases our understanding of the spiritual kingdom of God in us and our responsibility to walk in grace and truth. For those interested in delving deeper into Scripture, a study of God’s salvation plan through the Messianic covenants is provided. Since the themes of these seven covenants are repeated in Scripture, they provide insight into God’s ways of doing things. These themes help us understand the Old Testament as well as the culmination of God’s salvation plan.  


The Coming Apocalypse: Where will we be found?

       Jesus explained the basics of the kingdom of God in different aspects of the principle of sowing and reaping. Not surprisingly, this same principle was the basis of Israel’s worship, based on seven feasts celebrated during three annual harvest festivals. Early in his ministry, Jesus told his disciples, “the fields... are ripe for harvest (John 4:34-35).” After his resurrection, he tasked every present and future disciple with participating in this harvest, commissioning us to “go and make disciples of all nations (Matt28:19).” At the end of days, when “the final harvest of the earth is ripe (Rev 14:15),” we will either be accompanying him back to earth or rising to meet him in the air. Because the book of Revelation is the story of earth’s final harvest, a knowledge of Israel’s harvest feasts is the key that opens our understanding of John’s apocalyptic vision, from the appearance of the Passover Lamb in God’s throne room to the King’s return to tabernacle (dwell) with men, re-establishing the kingdom of God on earth.

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