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Kingdom Parables

The Parables in Luke

copyright 2011

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Part 1  

       Jesus’ parables define different aspects of the kingdom of God. Some are analogies, illustrating simple truths. Others describe spiritual mysteries of the kingdom, and are understood only by revelation. Sometimes this was because God was not ready to reveal the secrets of the kingdom prior to Christ’s resurrection, and at times Jesus’ listeners were just not ready to hear certain truths.

       The parables roughly follow the same progression as the feasts, with
their spring, summer and fall harvests themes of Conversion, Consecration, and Completeness. For much of his ministry, Jesus’ parables related to the theme of Conversion, presenting the kingdom of God as a present spiritual reality that anyone could enter by faith. Toward the end of Jesus’ ministry the parables turned to the theme of Consecration, or sanctification, dealing with the need to be fully committed to the kingdom, and persevering in our walk. When Jesus was close to Jerusalem before his last Passover, he covered the truths of coming to Completeness, or maturity, by addressing repentance and self-denial, and the reward that awaits the faithful when he returns to establish the long awaited physical kingdom of God on earth. 

Jesus Overcomes

Jesus in Jerusalem