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The Miracles of Jesus


       The dictionary definition of a miracle is: “A surprising and welcome event not explainable by natural or scientific laws and therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.” Jesus was not the first person in the Bible to perform miracles. One of the more famous miracles in Israel’s history was her escape from the pursuing Egyptian army through the parted waters of the Sea of Reeds during the Exodus. However, never were so many miracles done by one person.

       Jesus performed miracles for different reasons: to testify to the truth of his words, because of
someone’s faith in him, and at times just because he was moved with compassion for someone in need. He sometimes used the occasion to teach Kingdom principles. He did not do miracles to impress people with his power or prove that he was the Messiah. In fact, he needed to keep his divinity from becoming an issue so he could continue his work of preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Because miracles contravene natural laws of physics and biology, they do in fact offer proof that Jesus is the Son of God, a fact he admitted at his trial. That is why those who deny the divinity of Jesus are quick to conclude that his miracles are just fanciful embellishments by gullible followers, part of a ‘Christian mythology’ that grew up around a historical Jesus.

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